Here at Hog Roast Mansfield, we know just how important it is to get the nuts and bolts of wedding planning exactly right. Thankfully, however, with our more than 20 years’ worth of experience in event catering we can ease the stress of the mealtime as we make delivering quality foods in style for hundreds of guests a far simpler affair. Weddings are hodgepodge of friends and family members from all sides of the aisle, so it can perhaps be a bit daunting to get a mealtime solution that keeps everyone happy. But from your dear old grandmother to your old high school friends, Hog Roast Mansfield has the solutions for all. Our menus are a treat for all: with classic tastes of the traditional British hog roast to Greek-style vegan and halloumi skewers, everyone will be impressed by your wedding spread with Hog Roast Mansfield.