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When you think Nottinghamshire, you cannot help but cast your mind to the great
legends of Robin Hood and his merry band of heroic thieves. Known across the
world for his mythic adventures across Sherwood Forest and struggle against the
pesky Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood is a beloved icon in our fair county and
reminds us all of the need for fair and humble living amongst all. In such a spirit we
here at Hog Roast Beeston are proud to offer up a special catered feast of prime
meats and exquisite roast pork’s to all across the area. Our event catering is a “rich”
experience brought at the kind of fair and affordable costs that Robin Hood himself
would approve of. We’re doing our bit to share great foods to the fair people of
Nottinghamshire ourselves, and with the size of these feastful hog roasts there is
certainly plenty to go around!

The Hog Roast Beeston speciality hog roast is a prized dish that would have even Little John aptly satisfied. This hulking pork roast comes cooked in style as we mount a whole hog or two atop our very own specialised hog roasters – designed and manufactured by us! We seek to recreate the traditional types of roasts that Hood’s Merry Men might have been enjoying out in the hidden woods of Sherwood, although now with a bit more modern ingenuity to them. The result is a prime roast teeming with good salted, crisped textures and tender, juicy meats. It’s a winner for every occasion!


Hood and his Merry Men are not the only great British icons to have once gallivanted around the fantastical wooded lands of Sherwood Forest. Nottinghamshire’s own D.H Lawrence, one of the literary greats, grew up in Eastwood and is said to have been massively influenced by the remaining fragments of the Sherwood Forest and the surrounding rolling hills he played in as a child. Such is the natural beauty of Nottinghamshire that the likes of Lawrence’s greatest works in The Rainbow and Sons and Lovers would come to be formed out of its glorious hills and wooded environments.

Of course, had Hog Roast Beeston been around at Lawrence’s time too we are certain that he might have been writing poems and great novellas too about the magical, lasting impression of our hog roast. Forget Odour of Chrysanthemums, with Hog Roast Beeston we’ll be talking the smoky, deliciously meat aromas of a classic Hog Roast to your event this year!