Make it a White Wedding with Hog Roast Dorket Head’s Winter Dining

It may be wedding season at the moment, but we know that there are some of you out there that far prefer the cosy, winter wonderland vibes of the winter wedding season over the sizzling summer season. Luckily for you, both seasons are perfect for the Hog Roast Dorket Head wedding dining experience, and with limited bookings reopening for the 2024 winter wedding season now is the best time to grab your spot with our team today!

You’ve heard of white Christmas’, but you can make your special day a white wedding too by hosting it in the winter season. December is already one of the most magical times of year, so why wouldn’t you want to bring that magic to your special day too with a winter wedding? It may not seem as popular as the summer and spring weddingHog Roast Dorket Head seasons since you don’t get the bright evenings and warm days, but there is something special to the cosy vibes of a winter wedding. A bit of snow outside is just as good for your wedding photos as a shining summer’s day, and feels even more unique and special for what is assured to be a unique and special day in your life!

Hog Roast Dorket Head’s speciality dining also goes perfectly with the cosier vibes of a winter wedding; roast dining comes all the better when it is dark and maybe even a little cold outside as it becomes all the more comforting to have a dish piled of delicious meats, roasted veg and crisp, golden potatoes with plenty of gravy or apple sauce. Getting one of our hog roasts out on the floor will only add to the winter magic of it all as it cooks fresh on site in the immense and fiery spit style. Even on the coldest of winter days, this is one dining experience assured to warm you up!

So, come to Hog Roast Dorket Head now, quick as you can, to nab the few remaining winter wedding slots that we have for the rest of the year. We expect these to go quick, so we will be closing our late availability offers come the end of August, so come get in now!